Discounts for large users of bottles. We are accepting new accounts for customers who do not have a Gas Bottle to return. With FREE Local Delivery.

Residential, Light Commercial, and Industrial LPG Supplies.

We aim to provide an excellent service, along with highly competitive prices.

Covering the North West of England for Bottled Propane.

Sizes available 47 Kg, 19 Kg & 18kg Fork lift bottles.

No delivery charge for our North West deliveries, unless an emergency fast response order is required, please contact the office for further information.

Contact the office 24/7 to speak to a representative.

Gas Bottles

Delivery and Supply.

Weekend deliveries can be made, a transport charge may be incurred , speak to the office for more information.

Bottled Gas Services. Independent company giving you complete flexibility, without having to wait for days unlike some of the National Companies.

Collections and returns can also be done at our new yard in Penwortham, Preston. PR1 9QP.

We can supply your bottled Propane at an extremely competitive price, and we won’t be beaten on service.

Why choose Propane Gas?

Gas cylinders are suitable for a wide range of cooking & heating applications. Regulators are also available to purchase ( dependant on type & stock ).

Does your forklift run on Propane bottled Gas, please ring the office for a price on our 18 kg Forklift Gas Bottle. 

The 47kg Propane gas cylinder has a wide range of uses including home energy supply for customers who do not have the space for an gas cylinder.

It is the perfect solution for outdoor and light commercial use. They can also be used for commercial heating and drying. Our 18kg FLT Propane gas cylinder is the largest Propane cylinder for LPG forklift trucks (FLT) in our range. It is designed to be laid on its side and has a special fitting so that it can only be used on a Propane forklift truck.

Clean, efficient, and economical fuel for forklift trucks.

Propane Gas Bottles ideal for mobile catering units.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don’t sell the green coloured patio gas bottles that are primarily used, but you can use a 19kg propane bottle with a regulator kit we offer, providing it fits your BBQ.

No, it is currently just Propane that we offer.

We operate in the North West, covering Preston, Lytham, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Garstang, Longridge, Chorley, Blackburn,

Bolton, Leigh, St Helens, Wigan, Ormskirk, Southport and of course the areas within. If you are still curious, feel free to get in contact and enquire.

If you are in the mentioned areas, then delivery is FREE! A minimum bottle order may apply and weekend charges may also apply if you wish to order over the weekend.

A key difference is that propane has a lower boiling point than Butane, meaning that it is more suitable for outdoor storage.

Propane will boil at -42 Celsius. Therefore, Propane gas bottles can still function in the harshest of climates, so you won’t have to worry about your home not having heat!

Butane on the other hand has a boiling point of -2 Celsius so it is better stored indoors and is why a lot of small gas heaters used in homes run on Butane.

Butane is ever so slightly more efficient, with it producing around 12% more energy than propane when the same volume of gas is burned.

You’ll never be kept waiting days on end for your Gas to arrive, but should you wish to see where we are at with it, then please just ring us and ask for and update on the order. You can expect delivery within 2 working days of your order date.

We currently have a regulator kit you can buy. It includes a 1meter long propane hose (10 bar – 8mm), with 2 jubilee clips, and a propane 37mbar Regulator. The purpose of a regulator is to provide safety by controlling the rate of gas flow through the hose, stopping a dangerous volume of propane gas flowing through to the appliance.

This is something that we can do for you, please let us know when you place the order that the driver will need to do that for you. Don’t hesitate to ask the question, we don’t charge for this service!

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Danielle Hawkins
Danielle Hawkins
Great service! They are definitely more reliable and cheaper than any other provider. Thank you again
W2H Skills
W2H Skills
The prices are great having shopped around. Really recommend this company.
Josh briggs
Josh briggs
Great service, really friendly staff, couldn’t fault the company at all !
Diane thomson
Diane thomson
Excellent service from Toby and he is so easy to deal with.Such a great find when looking for a gas bottle supplier.
David Leeming
David Leeming
Toby looks after all of our gas needs. Will always use Compass.

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