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Do you manage a caravan or holiday park?

LPG releases zero NOx, making it a more eco-friendly and efficient option compared to solid fuels.

It’s not only economical, decreasing operational expenses, but it also lessens your carbon footprint. Ideal for heating and genuine flame cooking, it offers the advantages of urban gas in off-grid locations, enhancing the experience for residents and visitors.

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Our 47kg and 19kg propane cylinders are an excellent option where space is limited, and larger bulk installations are not possible.

When space is less of a concern, or your usage is higher, then LPG bulk tanks are a popular option.

Supply Options

We know each holiday park has it’s own energy requirements, and there’s no one-size-fits-all LPG solution. At Compass we offer a flexible supply of liquefied gas.

Whether you need bulk LPG gas tanks, gas bottles (or both), we’ll tailor it to your holiday park’s exact needs.

We also know your guests’ satisfaction is your number one priority – so we’ll keep downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum.

Gas Bottles

Our 47kg and 19kg propane cylinders are ideal for situations with space constraints where bigger bulk setups aren’t feasible.

Our cylinder lineup for commercial LPG is streamlined and effective, suited for catering to your guests’ heating and cooking demands. Typically, these gas bottles are set up in pairs or sets of four, with changeover kits on hand to guarantee an uninterrupted supply when it’s most crucial. They’re perfectly suited for touring parks, residential areas, and lodges.

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Why Choose Us?

Compass Gas is a reliable and independent supplier of Propane bottled gas based in the North West of England. We offer excellent service and the lowest prices on the market on a range of cylinder sizes, including 47 Kg, 19 Kg & 18kg Forklift bottles.

Our LPG gas is suitable for various cooking, heating and mobile catering applications. We also offer collection and delivery services to ensure maximum flexibility and convenience for our customers. Join us today for a cleaner and more efficient solution to your energy and heating needs!

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Danielle Hawkins
Danielle Hawkins
Great service! They are definitely more reliable and cheaper than any other provider. Thank you again
W2H Skills
W2H Skills
The prices are great having shopped around. Really recommend this company.
Josh briggs
Josh briggs
Great service, really friendly staff, couldn’t fault the company at all !
Diane thomson
Diane thomson
Excellent service from Toby and he is so easy to deal with.Such a great find when looking for a gas bottle supplier.
David Leeming
David Leeming
Toby looks after all of our gas needs. Will always use Compass.

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