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Power your forklift with LPG

For powering forklift trucks (FLTs), LPG stands out as an optimal choice. It’s not only a greener, more cost-effective alternative to diesel, but it also offers superior benefits compared to electricity.

LPG delivers robust performance, dependability, and offers tremendous operational adaptability — enabling businesses to maintain peak productivity while achieving substantial efficiency gains.

Regardless of whether your company manages a single FLT or an entire fleet, we offer a tailored LPG solution, from large-scale LPG storage to a comprehensive selection of cylinders.

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LPG Forklifts Vs Diesel & Electric.

Cost Efficient

LPG eliminates the need for pricey recharging equipment, batteries, or the disposal of such batteries. LPG-powered forklifts generally have a lower purchase and maintenance price compared to their diesel and electric counterparts.

Environmentally Friendly

LPG emits less CO2 compared to diesel, aiding businesses in minimising their carbon emissions. It doesn’t leave residues on handled products and emits fewer PM10 particles, resulting in better air quality. Plus,  there’s no risk of expensive spillages.

Quick Refuelling

Filling up with LPG is quick, taking just a few minutes, without the wait for battery charging. This ensures consistent productivity and minimises unnecessary downtime.

Switching Suppliers

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We are a reliable and independent supplier of Propane bottled gas based in the North West of England. We offer excellent service and the lowest prices on the market on a range of cylinder sizes, including 47 Kg, 19 Kg & 18kg Forklift bottles.

Our team fully understands your industry, we’ll listen to your requirements and provide solutions that are tailored to deliver the best results for your business needs.

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