Propane Gas Bottles Hutton

Bottled propane for residential, light commercial, and industrial use.

As the leading supplier of propane gas bottles for Hutton based customers, as well as those in the surrounding area, we are the team you can count on, here at Compass Gas. Whether you’re looking for larger 47kg propane bottles for light commercial and home use, or smaller propane bottles for forklifts, we can meet all of your needs. Our fantastic customer service and exceptional prices also set us apart from others. So for affordable propane bottles from a dependable supplier, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Free local delivery for propane gas bottles across Hutton

Compass Gas are the perfect choice if you are looking for free delivery of propane gas bottles throughout Hutton and the North West! We offer an outstanding delivery service across the area, which is free throughout the week, although at weekends, a small delivery charge may apply. With our rapid delivery and timely service you wont be left waiting for days for your gas to arrive, and that’s one of the reasons why we  are the number one supplier of bottled propane in Hutton, and the North West.

Collections and returns are also available at our new yard in Penwortham, Preston. PR1 9QP.

Forklift Propane bottles Hutton

We provide the perfect size 18 kg propane gas bottles for your forklift truck, as well as the ideal gas cylinder for LPG forklift trucks (FLT). This is designed to be positioned on its side and has a special fitting for use. With propane gas, your forklift trucks will run cleanly, economically, and efficiently, so get in touch today if you require forklift propane gas in bottles!


Propane bottles for caravans

We offer a range of propane bottles including 18 kg, 19 kg, and 47 kg options, which are perfect for heating and cooking in caravans of different sizes. The 19 kg propane bottle for example, is great for “light use” narrow boats, catering vans, touring caravans, and other vehicles. For more fuel, suitable for continuous usage and static caravans, the 47kg propane gas bottles would be a better solution.


47kg Propane bottles Hutton

A 47kg propane bottle is the ideal size for home heating and energy in residences without room for an LPG tank. Additionally, this is perfect for both outdoor and commercial applications.