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Convenience and Scale

Asphalt paving requires enormous amounts of fuel, often for sites that are off the natural gas grid, which can pose serious logistical challenges.

When this is the case, propane is an ideal choice. Propane offers a secure fuel source that’s easily transported to a work site.

Choosing Compass Gas will ensure you that you get the fuel as soon as you need it with free delivery.

Decrease downtime and costs with propane

When considering the cost of various fuel options, are you factoring in maintenance and downtime costs?

The operation of some equipment could be costing more than you think if they’re running on poor quality fuels.

Burners using recycled oil may face costly servicing and downtime due to natural build-up and water contamination. Combustion byproducts can also clog baghouse filters, leading to additional costs and fines for work delays.

While diesel is a more refined fuel, it requires less frequent equipment cleaning but is more expensive than propane. Propane is expected to become even more cost-effective due to increasing carbon taxes, making it a cleaner and more cost-efficient option compared to other fuels.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a reliable and independent supplier of Propane bottled gas based in the North West of England.

We offer excellent service and the lowest prices on the market on a range of cylinder sizes. Our team fully understands your industry, we’ll listen to your requirements and provide solutions that are tailored to deliver the best results for your business needs.

Weekend deliveries can be made, a transport charge may be incurred , speak to the office for more information.

Bottled Gas Services. Independent company giving you complete flexibility, without having to wait for days unlike some of the National Companies.

Collections and returns can also be done at our new yard in Penwortham, Preston. PR1 9QP.

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